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About Our Business
What we do…

We offer a full range of services, from Angel readings
to beginning psychic classes, psychic readings,
energy work, healing and equine assisted

Located in Justin, Texas, we host events; training and
one on one sessions and can do phone readings by

Lisa Broughton
Using her natural Talents and abilities, Lisa
Broughton communicates with the Angels.

Angels are given to us by the Holy Spirit to guide and
help us, they are pure forms of love and guidance,
and are here to help us!  We all have guardian
Angels from birth. Our guardian Angels are always by
our side to comfort, guide and protect us.
In working with the Angels, I believe that I am merely
a messenger and facilitator of healing. This means
that the Angels do the real work. It is entirely possible
for anyone to access their Angels and Divine
guidance (or intuition) with some awareness,
practice, and intention. I’m grateful to share this work
with you.  Our services are available at either The
Spirit Light Center, via Skype, phone or in person for
Equine work.

Have you ever said; “I had a feeling that was going to
happen”?  We all have the ability to connect
telepathically with the other side, friends on this side
and our animals.  Lisa facilitates training sessions to
help people learn the art of Divine communication.

Ever since she was a small child; Lisa has been
around horses.  Lisa was one of those girls who drew
pictures of horses and slept in the barn with her own
horse just to be in their energy.  Horses are intensely
emotional, intuitive creatures.  They are spiritual
creatures and they are psychic.  They are the
teachers and we are the student. Often times through
the mishandlings of their human caretakers, horses
experience trauma.  Lisa meditates with the horse to
release those blocks that cause sickness and she
facilitates a healing for the horse and owner.

Individual or group training sessions are offered.  We
provide training that is just right for the beginner or
the seasoned professional.  Any one of the
mentioned offerings to the left of this page is offered
as a training certification.  

A personal reading is the best way to get started on
your life path journey.  Hear what your Angels, Guides
and Spirit Team have to say about your life’s
purpose.  Get clarity on a subject matter; such as
work, family, health, important decisions, education
and love.  Find out what your Spirit Guides say
regarding your choices.